Colleen Gandini Residential has recognized that the lack of New Single Storey Housing being built in the City of Melville, reduces the options for local residents to downsize in the same area. Developers are concentrating on apartment blocks and two storey Townhouses to maximise their returns.
Our low cost House and Land Packages are created without using a Developer. In doing so we have created a number of significant benefits:


  • Small groups of 2,3 or 4, with no Strata Fees.
  • Brand new with options for personal designs.
  • Save 20 – 25% upon estimated completed value (Based on example of previous project).
  • Everything is done for you from go to whoa. You just pick out the colours and the finishing’s.
  • We use a team of experienced professional people to handle. Financing, Sub Division, Building, Settlement and creation of individual titles.
  • The process requires all Buyers purchasing the original property together.
  • After settlement the property will be subdivided into three individual Titles.
  • Building will commence after individual Titles are issued.
  • For this type of process the Bank will finance up to 80%.
  • Buyers will need to fund 20% plus costs with equity or cash.


  • Value estimated to increase on completion. For Example 2/4 Lealt Place Ardross. House and land Package purchased for $557,000 and sold for $705,000 a year and half later.
  • Potential profit can be realised within 15 months.
  • Take advantage of Developer’s profit.
  • Simplified building process, from purchase to completion. Everything is done for you.
  • Brand new and offering excellent rent returns and depreciation allowances.


  • Achieve the best possible outcome by adopting our strategic selling method. We offer an obligation free feasibility on your development potential If you are considering developing yourself. We can advise what your property is worth now, how much it will be cost to develop, and how much it will be worth when completed. We offer this free service to allow you to make the best informed decision.
  • Pay no Selling Agents fee. Built into the House and Land Packages is a Buyers fee, saving you the selling fee.
  • Achieve an outstanding price. As the Buyers are saving the developers profit they can and will pay a premium for suitable sites.

39 Barrisdale Road Ardross
“We needed to sell the family home and called in 3 Real Estate Agents. Two appraised our home around $900,000. Barry was of the same opinion but suggested that if we had the time he could bring us an offer for $990,000 provided we agree to accept this price when he brought us the offer. We were waiting for probate so we had time and agreed. We were surprised when Barry brought us an offer for  $990,000 with a 4 month settlement date. Our family was amazed. How creative? We would recommend Barry to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation as we did”
Eric Holbrook

17 Corbett way Booragoon
“I was considering selling when Barry contacted me to advise that the zoning of my property had changed. I had two previous appraisals for around $750,000 so I was very sceptical when Barry suggested he could bring me an offer for $870,000. After a number of meetings with Barry and a better understanding of what he was doing in the area I agreed. I could not believe it when he brought me an offer for $870,000. I did have to wait a little longer for settlement but the price made it worthwhile.”
Roly Dowell 0437 388 015


  • 4 Lealt Place Ardross. $870,000 (appraised by other agents) / $990,000 (sold by us)
  • 39 Barrisdale Road Ardross.$900,000 (appraised by other agents) / $990,000 (sold by us)
  • 17 Corbett Way Booragoon.$730,000 (appraised by other agents) / $870,000 (sold by us)

Several floor plans are included, which are typical of the average house sizes of 150-167m2 on average lot sizes of 210-243m2.

Floor Plan - Unit 3


  • 719 Canning Highway Applecross
  • 12 Prinsep Road Melville
  • 2 – 12 Leece Place Booragoon
  • 36 -46 Glencoe Road Ardross
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We are constantly looking for suitable sites to provide these packages.

As they become available they will be offered to qualified buyers first.

To see if you qualify, email or call anytime. or 0411 512 314.

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